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We’ve been absent for a while for a number of reasons; summer holidays, work…finding out we’re expecting another member of our pack (in human form)! And sadly, accompanying nausea that made blogging and any kind of movement pretty improbable.

Now safely half way through the third month we’re returning to old habits although the discovery that I have no immunity to toxoplasmosis means that my culinary adventures are dramatically limited.

So, last night we ventured as far as the Naviglio grande where we tried out as an ‘antipasto’ this Brazilian Tekamakeria that we’d had our eye on.

It’s cute, small but modern and the staff is friendly. It definitely embodies my idea of a successful modern eatery innovative food, limited menu, good quality and an eye for design.

Mr Towers has the coquille st Jacques and salmon egg temakinho, while I had to go for fried prawns and surimi (presuming these were all cooked).  The food was served quickly and was yummy but the price on these little parcels is pretty steep and will set you back anything between 6-10 euro per roll.


Atmosphere: laid back but cute. A bit cramped when it gets crowded I should think

Food: Temaki

Dinner for two: Expect to spend 50 euro for 2 people, particularly if you are hungry.

Would we go back? Perhaps, but for a snack and not a proper meal


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