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One of the best aspects of the holiday that just passed is the time spent with loved ones; time spent planning menus, in the kitchen surrounded by delicious scents and spices and time spent around the table tucking into the season’s best.

Here is a peak at the things that made Christmas lunch at the Towers’ special…

Early morning roasting on a chilly Christmas morning is great but peeling and chopping veg for eight people tends to awaken the Scrooge in me…

Mother in law slicing the stuffed capon with special scissors and more than a bit of gusto! On the right traditional Christmas ‘agnolotti’ with braised beef sauce.

And the proof at last…the ‘bomb’, which we owe to Jamie Oliver and deserves a full entry of itself (so more anon),  and slow cooked pears boiled in wine and honey with calvados soaked sultanas and forest fruits for a light but festive alternative to Christmas pudding.


Till next year!


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Amazingly a quick scour of the internet turns up few or no results for this delicious cake by confectioners Oberlaa.

Historians have Sacher torte down as the cake created in honour of the congress of Vienna so perhaps there is a misnomer here, either way the cake is yummy.

Outside covered in moist buttery shortbread which cuts evenly revealing a walnut and honey mincemeat like interior that tastes more like Halva than mince-pies.

Clearly beyond my culinary abilities, we brought home a stash.

Check them out here

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