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Although Trattoria Ferrari has been around forever in Pavia, just opposite Santa Maria di Betlemme in Borgo Ticino, because it is the ‘other’ side of the river  to the town we’d never really considered it.

Its interiors a typical high-end trattoria style with relics from country life such as the odd rusty yoke and copper dishes decorating each room. We actually sat under the stuffed head of a wild boar which was, I suppose, better than sitting right in front of it for the whole meal.

If you are a fetishist of this sort of ambience then you’ll love it, personally I’m not a big fan as it reminds me of old ladies’ houses and rising damp. However each area has its traditions and this is a typical trattoria interior if that is what you are looking for.

(Pic from website)

The menu is very long, traditional and delicious although they have a tendency to favour colourful pasta (black ravioli, purple gnocchi).

Menu: http://www.anticatrattoriaferrari.it/template.php?pag=35525

I can vouch for the prawn ravioli served with basil and ‘pachino’ baby tomato. They are blackened with ‘nero di seppia’ and absolutely mouth-watering.

Below is one of these large ravioli split in half to show  you its creamy interior. Forgive the photo quality but they really deserved more than just a mention!

After this Mr Towers and I shared a plate of frogs’ legs. These are served fried with lemon here in Pavia and are a bit like eating chips. Although it was nice to have this typically ‘pavese’ dish after at least 5 years since I last tasted it, I rather regretted eating a fried dish just before pudding.

Fortunately the Baci di Dama I chose were individually wrapped in aluminium so I was able to take some home for breakfast the next day.

The baci di dama, a round nutty biscuit with a layer of hazelnut cream in the middle were just as they should be: moist and nutty and clearly freshly made.

Atmosphere: Oldy-worldy

Food: Couldn’t find fault with it if I wanted to

Price: Dinner for two with wine c.a.60 EUR

Would we go back? Slightly put off by the interior (not my style) but drawn by the tantalising menu so yes


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A blast from the past: I was chatting to a friend about Singapore and she mentioned how people there eat all the time. I said they were quite right to given how varied and exciting the cuisine is. In fact, I suggested, you make it your objective to eat your way around the Malaysian, Chinese and western influenced food (not on the same day by the way)and then still feel you’ve had such different dishes that you are ready to start again.

This conversation reminded me about Newton Circus, by far the musn’t-miss place on the Singapore culinary scene  and I am posting some images of the amazing fresh products displayed and cooked right before your eyes.

Fresh young coconut…

Array of giant prawns

I think these are chicken wing skewers, although that suggests that Singaporean chickens are massive…

View of punters waiting to eat their meal in the convivial ‘canteen’ atmosphere of Newton Circus.

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