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Always keen to uphold great British traditions in a foreign land (and deny them mercilessly when at home…) I jumped at the chance to prepare a proper tea party for my mother and her friend N.

As no tea party is complete without them, below are cucumber sandwiches, crab sandwiches, ham sandwiches and salmon paste sandwiches (mostly eaten by Ezzie when I wasn’t looking – that’s the trouble with low tables…)

A section of pastries and chocolate dipped strawberries that our friend shared from with Ezzie in a Lily and the Tramp moment of rapture, and meringues complete the sweet treats.

Last but not least we had a selection of flowering teas I shall bore you with in another post (I’ve had a special selection flown in from Vietnam with the mother in law only a few weeks ago) and a glass of sparkling wine which is an absolute requirement for any social gathering taking part after 5pm.


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On the banks of the Donau Kanal is a strange boat like form that houses a delicious organic restaurant and cafe called Motto am Fluss.

Now, we don’t tend to return to the same place twice when on holiday to ge get the max experience out of a place but this little gem really deserved it.

So on day one we delighted our taste-buds with salmon on a bed of bok choi, lightly seasoned with fish sauce and a hearty but delicately flavoured roast beef sandwich.

it’s here we tasted the delicious pink basil lemonade and a would also recommend that you take a peek at their cocktail list as they have some delicious combinations such as the Elderberry and basil Caipiroska and apricot Caipirinha-yum!

Only draw back- no English menu so sharpen your Deutsch before visiting!


Motto Am Fluss

Atmosphere: Lovely, ideal al fresco dining

Food: Organic and healthy but seriously yummy!

Would we go back? Absolutely!

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