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It’s not every week that something is going on in Pavia, but now it almost is with Beer Food just gone and Pavia Wine coming up on Sunday 3rd June (www.paviawine.it)

Beer Food felt had the festival feeling nailed-it even rained! Admittedly we managed to stave off the downpour and only get a few drops, but it just added to the grungy barbecue feeling of it all.

So, Beer Food was set up by an association called ‘Amici della Birra’ to promote specialty beers. They managed to nab a top venue- the inner court of the castle at Pavia and charging only 3EUR for entry they had it packed pretty soon.

Various stands offered barbecued meat, sandwhiches and chips as well as focaccia, farinata (ligurian focaccia made with chickpea flour) and a whole load of highly caloric comfort food.

Assortments of cold meats

Classic festival food 

A find: Il Giusto Gusto, a sandwhich chain present in various places including Piacenza

‘Plin’ special ravioli from the Langhe area in Piedmont


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Yet another blast from the past with this post about Hanoi street foods or really more specifically about street sellers.

One amazing thing about Hanoi that I realised is that it’s a bit like walking around in a great big communal kitchen. Outside many of the shops and houses little coal ovens are chucking out heat at all hours of the already sweltering day as the inhabitants cook on the street side.

This sense of communal eating is also evident in the many cafes and restaurants that line the streets with their little plastic chairs and seem to know no lull at any time of day and area always packed with customers sipping café da and foreigners sipping beer (served with ice by the way!)

The stoic grace of the street sellers making their way through an absolute inferno of zig-zagging scooters and cars is quite something. Here are some of the most elegant.

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