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I  knew that it was abnormal for Alassio to be so crowded the last weekend of June when Italians typically holiday around the middle of August known as Ferragosto and then I heard it officially, Telefono Blu does an annual research into Italians and their hols and found that there are 1 million more people on holiday this end of June than ever before.

CRN media (http://www.cnrmedia.com/rubriche/newsid/14138/crescono-i-vacanzieri-a-giugno.aspx) reports that special offers attracted more people away this June and that the beginning of July will see even more people on holiday.

Guess that means the Towers will postpone any further weekend seaside plans for a while…


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Right at the start of the famous ‘Budello’, one of the longest and most interesting shopping streets in the Liguria coast, are a series of shaded restaurants. Although they may look like tourist traps, and no doubt some of them are (I’m thinking of one with pictures of Venice although Liguria is the exact opposite coast…) one place is a real little gem and that is Danio hotel and restaurant.

Not only are the staff really nice but the owner takes an interest in socialising with the customers (in a non-obtrusive way) and ensuring that they have enjoyed their food. Another point in their favour is that they do not point on quantity but on quality meaning that their 20 euro lunch menu with a choice of first and second course with a side salad and a pudding can be enjoyed without feeling bloated as you leave the table.

We can recommend the spaghetti alle vongole (clams spaghetti) a personal favourite that is sometimes served too oily but here was delicious (although I would have added a bit more parsley) and the fritto misto (lightly battered fried shell fish with a dash of lemon) which must be accompanied by a fresh salad to truly refresh the palate.



Atmosphere: Could be better, as it’s jsut below the lungo mare walk-way so you can catch a glimpse of the sea only when you lift your head

Food: Wonderful fish dishes

Lunch for two: Special lunchtime offer has you wined and diens for 20 euro

Would we go back? next year- stessa spiaggia stesso mare, stesso ristorante too!


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What I knew about Alassio, favourite holiday retreat of my childhood is that it’s one of the few places in Liguria with a beautiful sandy beach- instead of stones-, clear sea and loads of shops.

What I didn’t know is that even on the last weekend of June everything would be packed.

It started off with the petrol running out at the first pump we stopped at leaving home.

Then we walked all along the coast looking for a space on the beach. These were significantly fewer than usual as the bathing establishments had only been able to put out 2 rows of umbrellas due to the beach having been eaten away by the tide…so, no beach.

When we found a space I started ringing round to book for supper. I rang every notable restaurant in Alassio and was repeatedly told they were ‘Al completo’.

Ok it’s Saturday and the weather’s fab but how can restaurants with seating for over 80 people be booked all night??

Anyway aside from these inconveniences and Alassio having run out of petrol, beach, food and hotel room judging by the people being turned down at the hotel, we did manage to have a great time and the upcoming  reviews will be dedicated to those places that DID have room and I tell you, the food was jolly good all the same!

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