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Lately there has been a lot of talk about what kids are eating at school. After all, they spend most of their waking time at school and what they eat there should fuel them in their development and sustain them as they learn and play. Right?

Maybe not as trawling the web reveals that not only are variations in what is regarded as a suitable school around the world meal huge, but it looks as though factors such as cost savings and competition in the adult world are affecting what kids eat.

I’ve found a couple of things on the web that really make differences stand out.

On the ‘sublime’ side we have these elaborate cartoon bento boxes lovingly made by stressed out (and a bit competitive) mums…

And for the ‘ridiculous’ we have the blog-sensation called NeverSeconds which documents the school dinners served to a UK 9 year old called Martha Payne.

The images come from her blog and are enough to make you balk.

So what are your thoughts? Ideal balance school dinner anyone?


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So, the world’s 50 best restaurants were published yesterday by the website world50best.com

Interestingly there are only 2 Italian restaurants in the list showing that either Italians are not doing a very good job of getting out there and promoting their fine dining or that restauranteurs in dear old Italia have been resting on their laurels a little too long and need to get out there and modernise the experience.

The UK, in fact, jestingly regarded by Italians as the nadir of cooking actually has one more listed restaurant than Italy thanks no doubt to the amazing renaissance that dining has had in the country in the past two decades or so.

Overall the USA has the largest number of fine dining establishments followed by Mediterranean princess, Spain.

These are the top 10:

Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark

El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain

 Mugaritz, San Sebastiàn, Spain
D.O.M., Sao Paulo, Brazil
Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy
Per Se, New York, USA
Alinia, Chicago, USA
Arzak, San Sebastiàn, Spain
Eleven Madison Park, New York USA
Needless to say I’m going to print out the list and after an accurate analysis of my travel and food budget try to eat my way through some of these, but as I think it might not be such an easy task I hope to hear comments and experiences from you!

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