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This delightful initiative is run by Architects without borders Piedmont and an association called Terra Terra.

The oven, entirely constructed in environmentally friendly or low impact material represents the kitchen as heart of the community, a place to meet up and do something constructive together.

The very act of baking harkens back to primitive activities  (think sharing a meal in the cave) and bread making in particular, as bread is very much a staple food.

The oven is a charming alternative to mass-produced, anonymous consumption of food and a chance for communities to mingle and share experiences related to cooking and to life in general. The creators of the oven had in mind the traditional village oven around which people would queue, chat, gossip and generally open up.

The over called, Il Focolare, is currently being built by voluntary helpers and people who want to hone in on their construction skills, so if you happen to be near Turin on 9th and 10th June be sure to pop into the PAV (Parco Arte Vivente- Living Art Park) and check out the latest stage of development.



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I probably should tell you straight away that we had already been to this reastaurant before last weekend’s lunch so it’s a review based on two separate experiences.

Set in the lovely Piazza Vittorio Veneto- the Via Po end rather than the actual river end- this pretty restaurant offers a lot of room for al fresco dining.

Currently owned by Italian Show-man Chiambretti (food&company group), the restaurant is actually a historic venue originally opened in 1863.

For that reason, to create continuity with the history of the restaurant the menu features traditional piedmont dishes such as Vitello tonnato, antipasti misti piemontesi, tajarin and la Finanziera (polenta with, among other things, cockrel crests)

I can recommend the antipasti misti as they provide a selection of yummy piedmont foods (although they are not terribly light as they include pepper with anchovies, cheese, veal tonné…)

I do not recommend their cheaper lunch menu (including water, wine and a pudding) unless you are looking for something fast and light like a quick lunch hour snack- not very well presented and rather un-elaborate. That said you get what you pay for and cheap it is.

Restaurant link – http://www.foodandcompany.com/food&company.html

Menu- http://www.foodandcompany.com/portomenu.html

Porto di Savona

Atmosphere: The liveliest piazza in Turin- great!

Food: Pay more, eat better in the same restaurant

Price: Lunch for two with wine c.a.20 EUR

Would we go back? The food’s not bad and the location brilliant so why not!

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