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There is little about Bologna that I could find fault with: a beautiful city, nice people and great food.

Stunning terracotta details on the churches, porticoes and doorways confirm this town is a true Mediterranean medieval beauty with the
earthy orange of the stone infusing warmth against a pure blue sky.

An amazing public library better equipped than any I have seen inItaly and a lovely lunch sealed the deal.

We chose to eat at Il Biassanot after reading about it online (so many thanks to those that reviewed it before us!) and because it had a cat and the moon on the ensign- yes an excellent reason I know.

A very large menu was presented to us and as we were a little group I’m only going to comment on the highlights.

The antipasto della casa included: fried meatballs (very small and rather stodgy), battered courgette strips (rather like tempura),Parma ham and melon, Parma ham and fig, mortadella and salami. It was pretty intense for an antipasto.

The most important dishes here are the home made pasta dishes served singly or in a’tris’ a selection of three.

The pasta is all home made and the tortellini filled with ham and cheese with ragu were delicious- very yellow pasta that was not too eggy with an extremely light texture.

The ‘green’gnocchi with speck and cheese were also remarkably tasty and fresh –well worth ordering.

All in all a delicious meal after which you really need a nap and preferably not on a bench in a square.

Can totally see why the city is nicknamed ‘la grassa’ (the fat one) ….


Dal Biassanot

Atmosphere: Urban in a quaint italian way

Food: filling

Dinner for two: Expect to spend 50 euro for the full experience for 2 people

Would we go back? Would definitely suggest it


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What I knew about Alassio, favourite holiday retreat of my childhood is that it’s one of the few places in Liguria with a beautiful sandy beach- instead of stones-, clear sea and loads of shops.

What I didn’t know is that even on the last weekend of June everything would be packed.

It started off with the petrol running out at the first pump we stopped at leaving home.

Then we walked all along the coast looking for a space on the beach. These were significantly fewer than usual as the bathing establishments had only been able to put out 2 rows of umbrellas due to the beach having been eaten away by the tide…so, no beach.

When we found a space I started ringing round to book for supper. I rang every notable restaurant in Alassio and was repeatedly told they were ‘Al completo’.

Ok it’s Saturday and the weather’s fab but how can restaurants with seating for over 80 people be booked all night??

Anyway aside from these inconveniences and Alassio having run out of petrol, beach, food and hotel room judging by the people being turned down at the hotel, we did manage to have a great time and the upcoming  reviews will be dedicated to those places that DID have room and I tell you, the food was jolly good all the same!

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In spite of the unpronounceable name this is a cute, traditional restaurant serving delicious Tafelspitz (boiled beef) with potatoes and veg.

Mr Towers and I also tried the Rindsuppe with Leberknödel (Liver dumpling) which although not unpleasant had a crumbly consistency which was not so appealing although we’re both agreed that the extensive use of chives is delish!

Remarkable was the horseradish and apple sauce ( a delightful combo, much better than the English creamy horseradish) which, however, as to be tasted a bit at a time on pain of total nose numbing!



Gasthaus Pfudl

Atmosphere: Very teutonic…not too keen

Food: Not bad but not a light meal by any standards

Price: Dinner for two with wine c.a.50 EUR

Would we go back? Well, It was ok but we like to experiment!

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Just a quick update to say we’re off to Vienna tomorrow so expect lots of reviews of local restaurants and bars.

As for last night I successfully prepared a couple of pan fried duck legs on a bed of onions with a chilli, fish sauce and juice of two limes dressing.

Mr Towers suggested a teaspoon of sugar would have been an improvement but I’ quite pleased that few scraps could be used to put together a perfectly acceptable meal to go with our fragrant Jasmine rice-yum!

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