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The passion this restaurant inspires in the Towers is proverbial- Ping Pong makes the best dim sum (pretty, glistening and delicious) I’ve clapped eyes on in this continent!

(Please correct me if I’m wrong as I’m always willing to go on a dim sum trawl and check out any venues I don’t know about)

Perfectly marketed as ‘steamed little parcels of happiness’, you feel you could eat a million as they are a feast to the eyes as well as the palate.

Lazy Sumdays, a promotion that allows you to order all you can eat for a set price of £18.49 (minus: drinks, desserts and chef’s specials) saved us £24.

My favourites are Chive dumplings (king prawn and chive in green dumpling-think alien spaceship), the scallop and shitake dumpling, the seafood and the coriander dumplings, but ping pong also do fried vietnamese spring rolls, duck rolls (also fried), char shui buns and king prawn and scallop sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves.

Ping Pong Westbourne Grove London

Atmosphere: Smart but not OTT

Food: Mouthwateringly excellent

Price: don’t expect to spend lesss than £20 without drinks. Alternatively there is a great ‘all you can eat’ promotion on Sundays (Lazy Sum Days) with a set £19 for any food.

Would we go back? Of course, I’m addicted!



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Just a quick update to say we’re off to Vienna tomorrow so expect lots of reviews of local restaurants and bars.

As for last night I successfully prepared a couple of pan fried duck legs on a bed of onions with a chilli, fish sauce and juice of two limes dressing.

Mr Towers suggested a teaspoon of sugar would have been an improvement but I’ quite pleased that few scraps could be used to put together a perfectly acceptable meal to go with our fragrant Jasmine rice-yum!

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