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How could you visitVienna and not try the Wiener schnitzel?

Quite easily actually seeing as we live near Milan and the Wiener Schnitzel and the ‘cotoletta alla Milanese’ are the same thing.

But for objectivity’s sake I decided to check it out and chose the very best (and largest-sigh!) in Vienna: the famous Figlmueller family Wiener schnitzel (below)


I leant a valuable (if subjective) lesson from this bit of thin crumbed veal: do not try to eat something larger and wider than your own face, particularly when fried.

But back to the point – where does this hail from?

Italians claim that the dish was served at a banquet given in 1134 for the canon of St Ambrose Cathedral and support this claim with a letter by Viennese General Radetzky (stationed in Milan for a long period) presumably attributing the invention of this dish to the Italians.

Other sources claim that it was brought to Vienna by German and Polish troops in 1683.
So the jury’s still out, either way you know you can enjoy the veal and pork meat variants of this dish with a dash  of lemon in both countries and that’s a start.

Biggest and most renowned Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna- http://www.figlmueller.at/index.php


Atmosphere: Valuted ceilings and exposed brick

Food: a must-try

Price: Dinner for two with beer c.a.40 EUR

Would we go back? With Vienna first-timers


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Amazingly a quick scour of the internet turns up few or no results for this delicious cake by confectioners Oberlaa.

Historians have Sacher torte down as the cake created in honour of the congress of Vienna so perhaps there is a misnomer here, either way the cake is yummy.

Outside covered in moist buttery shortbread which cuts evenly revealing a walnut and honey mincemeat like interior that tastes more like Halva than mince-pies.

Clearly beyond my culinary abilities, we brought home a stash.

Check them out here

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On the banks of the Donau Kanal is a strange boat like form that houses a delicious organic restaurant and cafe called Motto am Fluss.

Now, we don’t tend to return to the same place twice when on holiday to ge get the max experience out of a place but this little gem really deserved it.

So on day one we delighted our taste-buds with salmon on a bed of bok choi, lightly seasoned with fish sauce and a hearty but delicately flavoured roast beef sandwich.

it’s here we tasted the delicious pink basil lemonade and a would also recommend that you take a peek at their cocktail list as they have some delicious combinations such as the Elderberry and basil Caipiroska and apricot Caipirinha-yum!

Only draw back- no English menu so sharpen your Deutsch before visiting!


Motto Am Fluss

Atmosphere: Lovely, ideal al fresco dining

Food: Organic and healthy but seriously yummy!

Would we go back? Absolutely!

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Loos Bar

So, as Mr Towers has a professional interest in the built environment we couldn’t visit Vienna and not include Bar Loos (from Architect Adolf Loos) in our agenda.

The bar is tiny but very pretty inside. You can’t take pictures in the bar but as it’s so tiny you can see why (waiter wouldn’t be able to get past). Most of the seating is outside and sadly a large umbrella covers most of the façade.

I also think the loos (as in toilets here)  have not been renovated sine 1908.

Aside from that staff were friendly and cocktails were good although frightfully pricey (starting at 9 EUR). Even the menu has a price in this popular bar which was frequented by Austrians as much as tourists.


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In spite of the unpronounceable name this is a cute, traditional restaurant serving delicious Tafelspitz (boiled beef) with potatoes and veg.

Mr Towers and I also tried the Rindsuppe with Leberknödel (Liver dumpling) which although not unpleasant had a crumbly consistency which was not so appealing although we’re both agreed that the extensive use of chives is delish!

Remarkable was the horseradish and apple sauce ( a delightful combo, much better than the English creamy horseradish) which, however, as to be tasted a bit at a time on pain of total nose numbing!



Gasthaus Pfudl

Atmosphere: Very teutonic…not too keen

Food: Not bad but not a light meal by any standards

Price: Dinner for two with wine c.a.50 EUR

Would we go back? Well, It was ok but we like to experiment!

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Back from Vienna and connected enough to blog at last.

Mr Towers and I had decided to take it easy this time as our style of tourism tends to be exhausting but sadly we are incapable of following our own dicatatum.

One of the highlights of a few days spent in a tropically hot Vienna was the lovely Basil Pink Lemonade which isn’t just great cos it’s pink and refreshing but because it has basil in it.

As Italians you would expect the Towers to be familiar with good old basil and unable to serve our favourite tomato pasta without it as a topping- quite wrong.

We barely ever use the thing although the few plants we’ve had were defoliated through eating very quickly.

Anyway my point is that this lemonade is absolutely delightful and refreshing because of the basil which gives it an extra aromatic zing.

Will be making this in months to come – yum!

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Just a quick update to say we’re off to Vienna tomorrow so expect lots of reviews of local restaurants and bars.

As for last night I successfully prepared a couple of pan fried duck legs on a bed of onions with a chilli, fish sauce and juice of two limes dressing.

Mr Towers suggested a teaspoon of sugar would have been an improvement but I’ quite pleased that few scraps could be used to put together a perfectly acceptable meal to go with our fragrant Jasmine rice-yum!

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