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Sugared Almonds, or confetti as we call them in Italy are one of my greatest passions.

I compulsively eat as many as I can find until my teeth ache.

Our new pack memeber was born on 24th May and little Phil’s baptism provided an opportunity to eat a lavish meal and to gorge on confetti.


What I think is fascinating about confetti is that they have evolved so much from the simple ‘sugared almond’ definition they almost warrant a new name like ‘almond delight’ or something less naff.

Anyway in the eighties you could find chocolate flavoured ones but now the choice is truly inspiring. You can select pear and milk chocolate, pear and white chocolate, coconut, strawberry, chapagne and all sort of flavours.

So quite frankly next time you hand me a bomboniera (the exquisite silver ornament that is packaged next to the confetti in crinoline and bows) be  aware that it will be torn to pieces as soon as I get in the car so that I can unlock the almondy goodness inside.Image


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