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The unusual thing about Beijing, at least to the untrained eye, is that just outside the city there’s nothing much at, all just low bush. It’s a bit like the city has sprung out of the desert, a desert caused by the  pretty extreme weather with its static, sand storms, freezing winters and piping hot summers.

When you get into the first of a series of four ring-roads, however, the scenario completely changes and you are surrounded by a tall, modern urban sprawl. We spent a lot of time travelling into the centre from our third ring. And yes, I can confirm the traffic at rush hour is pretty dull and it takes ages to get about so… GET THE TUBE!

We took the tube everyday and ok, we probably didn’t travel in rush hour (but how many tourists do?) but we found it fast, modern, clean and efficient. All the stories about huge crowds, being unable to get off at your stop due to sheer mass of people are nonsense! If you’ve been on the London Underground at rush hour then this is a breeze. It’s even air conditioned.

Third ring-road

The iconic CCTV tower

Another view from  the ring-road

View from behind the China World tower

China world tower

China world tower

China world tower

One evening we were taken for drinks to the Sunlitun area known for its bars and a huge modern shopping and entertainment complex.

We didn’t visit the more grungy drinking dens that  have made this area famous, but stayed in the smart, new patch. It was pretty much like any ‘trendy’ place anywhere in the world, but if you have an interest in buildings (or drinking!!) then it’s worth visiting.

And finally the most iconic modern landmark in Beijing- Tian an men square. We only ever saw it from the opposite side of a busy road (the side the forbidden city is on) and were not tempted to risk our lives crossing into this big, grey pretty empty space.


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